Tactics for Organizing Cubicles to Increase Workplace Productivity


Nowadays, many business owners are intent on minimizing their operating costs and maximizing profits. If you’re one of them, one thing you should evaluate is how much you are spending on renting commercial space. You don’t need ditch an exceptional looking office space in a high-end location for one in a seedy downtown area to reduce rental costs. Consider maximizing the floor space you get at a high-end commercial space by including cubicles rather than traditional enclosed offices.

Before you order office furniture online, make sure you pick out items that will match your office layout and design of your cubicles. You should also keep in mind that, despite the best efforts of business owners, some employees will find cubicles cramped and not the best places for boosting their productivity. This means you should go beyond simple cubicle installation to guarantee your workspace is ideal for deep focus, productive work, and collaboration. Here are some tactics that will increase the productivity of cubicled workspaces:

Arrange Chairs to Face Cubicle Entrances

Simply arranging the items in a cubicle can go a long way. For example, arranging desks such that chairs will face the entrances can help reduce the feeling of being cramped in a closed space. When people know what they can expect, they will be comfortable and be able to concentrate. If the chair can’t face a cubicle entrance, consider having a reflective element that will allow a cubicle’s user to see the entrance. A decorative mirror can, for instance, be placed opposite the entrance to enable employees to see what is behind them when working.


In small spaces, it is common for people to leave things lying around. A cluttered workspace increases the visual complexities of your cubicles and affects the productivity levels of employees. Invest in as much storage space as you can for the cubicles without cramping them. Opt for desks with drawers and small filing cabinets for storage. You should also have a trash can next to every desk to guarantee people can quickly get rid of things they are not using.

Pick the Right Cubicle Colors

Thankfully, there are several options for decorating your cubicles. You can opt to paint them or use wallpaper to change them from plain wooden ones. When doing this, make sure to choose the right colors for boosted productivity. Blue is often associated with career growth, while white generates creative energy. Earth tones help people destress, while oranges and yellows are known to help increase energy levels.

Get Desk Plants

Not all cubicles will have the luxury of being placed near windows. The lack of exposure to natural elements might decrease people’s productivity levels. For cubicles away from the windows, incorporate nature in the form of plants. Desk plants are an ideal choice for giving employees something they can care for and tend to apart from their work. Plus, plants are proven to help improve air circulation and reduce stress levels.

Some business owners opt for open-plan offices to negate the claustrophobic look of cubicles. But f0ew office layouts give people as much privacy without taking too much floor space as cubicles. With the above steps, you can harness all the benefits of cubicles and still guarantee optimal employee productivity.