Global CTB Review – Enjoy the Perks of Crypto Trading


If you have been wondering which financial instrument you should trade, the most obvious answer these days is cryptocurrency. These have become the hottest instruments in the market and even though people are entering this space in droves, there is no shortage of opportunities. Everyone has a chance at making it big in this market and earning the kind of profits they have dreamt of. You don’t need to have a huge capital to do so, and neither do you need to be an expert, although the latter does give your chances a boost. Most importantly, there are not many difficult hurdles to overcome.

The most notable decision that you need to make in order to trade cryptocurrencies is choosing a platform to do so. Brokers are plenty in the market, some have been around for a couple of decades, while others are relatively new. When you want to trade crypto, it is a good idea to opt for one that focuses on this asset alone because it is a tad different from the others. Hence, it requires some special accommodations and tools that only these companies can provide. Global CTB is one such firm, which only offers crypto trading services, and caters to global traders.

The question is what perks will you find at Global CTB for trading crypto? Read on to know:

  • Regulation and security

To begin with, you don’t have to worry about Global CTB scam because it offers its clients the peace of mind that comes with regulation and security. It is a registered company that’s monitored by a third-party regulator, which means it maintains top-notch standards of services and performance. Likewise, it has to provide excellent security as part of the services. You will find that Global CTB is compliant with the rules of AML and KYC, which are Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer, respectively. Traders have to give proof of identity and residence.

Next, they also keep all client funds in segregated accounts and don’t use them for the company’s use. They are kept aside for trading activities only and refunded in case of bankruptcy. Global CTB also uses advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for protecting the information shared with them by their clients.

  • Signup and account variety

Another perk that Global CTB offers is that its signup doesn’t have a lot of hassles or requirements. A short form has to be filled for this purpose and then you can move onto choosing an account options. There are six that have been put together by the broker and each is for traders with a different style, risk tolerance and skill level. For instance, Basic option is ideally suited for newbies while the Pro account is for professional traders. Other choices include Beginner, Medium, Advanced and VIP. The minimum deposit for the first account is $250 and it goes up with every account. Likewise, features also become more advanced, since traders will require more when they are moving ahead.

  • Range of crypto offerings

It is not just account variety that makes a difference; the crypto offerings are also worth noting. Unlike other crypto brokers, Global CTB offers a much greater range of options to its clients. They are not limited to just the most popular and renowned crypto options like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also include some others like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple that can also offer good returns. In fact, Global CTB has other newer options like DASH, IOTA, NEM and Monero that can be a good addition to your trading index.

  • Tools and resources

Amongst the perks available at Global CTB, you will find that they have a horde of trading tools to offer to crypto traders. These can help in making better and improved decisions that can result in better profits like risk management tools, live charts, trading signals and price alerts. Likewise, educational resources are also available that can help in learning new and better strategies for crypto trading.