Designing A Finance Or Fintech Blog? Consider Using A Website Builder!


Blogs and websites for finance, fintech and allied sectors are often content-based. The focus is often on authoritative contents, use of infographics, selected images and videos. To be more precise, you cannot design a finance website that’s too ornamental. This is even more important in case of blogs that just provide information and are not involved in selling products.

The two obvious choices

Most businesses and website owners, prefer the idea of hiring an experienced web design service for the development work, but what if you don’t have a big budget? The good news is you can still have a custom website for specific needs, thanks to some of the best website builders. In this post, we are discussing more on why you should consider website builders and other aspects that are specifically important for finance & fintech websites and blogs.

Benefits of website builders for finance blogs

First and foremost, you can find templates and ready themes that can work perfectly well for finance blogs that are heavy on content and less on design elements. Contrary to what many people believe, customizing a website with site builders is actually easy, and you can design a template that best represents your brand. Another obvious advantage is cost savings. Yes, all templates and features offered by most website builders are not always free, but even then, you can save more on the overall costs. Also, website builders are super easy to use, offer considerable support, and have tools for SEO and marketing, so your finance blog is ready for exposure.

Selecting the best site builder

Not all website builders are same, and you have to pick and choose as per the features you need. We are limiting our suggestions for finance blogs only for this post. If you want a more comprehensive and feature-based website builder, we recommend that you consider Wix, which has hundreds of templates. Weebly is another option for those who wish for an easy-to-use builder. There are also other notable choices such as WordPress and GoDaddy, which have good features and a commendable interface.

Final word

Check online for more reviews on website builders. As far as finance blogs and websites are concerned, make sure that the design is not too complicated or heavy in terms of graphics. Using videos, photos and infographics is recommended for this niche, but ensure that your content is optimized, unique and is presented aptly.