Clear Your Confusion About Mortgage Lenders by Checking Borrower Banks Statement


While availing mortgage loan often borrower feels that the lender doesn’t need to check their bank statements, credit score and other finance details. The thought isn’t extravagant as you are ready to pledge your asset as collateral. According to the borrower, the verification of bank statements needs to be done only when a surety isn’t given to avail the loan amount.

Why such verifications are done by finance lender?

To check the financial status of the borrower minutely many lenders verify the given bank statements authenticity directly from the bank authorities. It is done to know whether their client is capable enough to repay the borrowed amount fully at the specified time duration.

To buy a property you need to do down payment, rest you can pay after getting the loan. The bank or the lender firm officials will check the amount needed to possess the property.  Even they calculate whether the initial installment amount, you will be capable of paying back. The result of this verification usually is beneficial for the borrower as the person won’t be a burden with surplus amount to pay back in few years.  Moreover, it helps in calculating the months required to pay back full borrowed amount with interest.

More about the verification process:

  • The client of the finance firm requiring mortgage loan must provide recent bank statements of all kind of accounts.  You can give monthly or quarterly bank statements.
  • The verification of recent bank statements of the borrower helps in knowing whether the person is already paying any huge debt.
  • The lender firm’s officials are able to judge whether their client have borrowed money from some person to show good amount in account for the mortgage loan sanction.
  • Your credit score is checked along with your statements.

The facts you need to consider while having mortgage loan:

  • Try to pay back the other small loans before applying for mortgage loan. This will help to get required amount easily.
  • Have all the documents prepared in advance as it helps in finishing the process fast.
  • Don’t make any large changes in your account while the loan sanctioning process is on. As often finance lenders check with the bank for the recent developments in your account.

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